Books on Impact/Socially Responsible Investing

Books on Impact/Socially Responsible Investing

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1. The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility - Steven K. May
Should business strive to be socially responsible, and if so, how? The Debate over Corporate Social Responsibility updates and broadens the discussion of these questions by bringing together in one volume a variety of practical and theoretical perspectives on corporate social responsibility. It is perhaps the single most comprehensive volume available on the question of just how "social" business ought to be.

2. Beyond The Bottom Line: Putting Social Responsibility To Work For Your Business And The World - Joel Makower
In this energizing study, Makower (The E Factor) and the advocacy group Business for Social Responsibility theorize that firms "function best when they merge their business interests with the interests of customers, employees, suppliers." This social responsibility thesis-or "caring capitalism"-is illustrated with examples from numerous well-known companies (Reebok, Body Shop).

3. Learning, Work and Social Responsibility: Challenges for Lifelong Learning in a Global Age (Lifelong Learning Book Series) - Karen Evans
The political consensus on lifelong learning, which marked the end of the 20th century, fundamentally reshaped discourses on the role of lifelong learning. In 'knowledge-based' economies, we are engaged in a lifelong competition for livelihoods; learning for a living as part of a global learning revolution.

4. Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies (Paperback) - Mark Durieux (Author), Robert Stebbins (Author)
In today's business world, your bottom line isn't measured by your company's financial performance alone. Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies shows you how to implement social responsibility to your business plan in order to increase your bottom line.

5. The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success and How You Can Too - Andrew W. Savitz, et. al.
The Triple Bottom Line is the groundbreaking book that charts the rise of sustainability within the business world and shows how and why financial success increasingly goes hand in hand with social and environmental achievement. Andrew Savitz chronicles both the real problems that companies face and the innovative solutions that can come from sustainability. His is a hard-line approach to bottom-line fundamentals that is re-making companies around the globe.

6. Social Responsibility: Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (Industrial Innovation) by Holly Alison Duckworth and Rosemond Ann Moore
There's been a lot of buzz recently about social responsibility among organizational leaders in the public and private sector. Although many books cover market response and interest to this global concern, this is the first book to focus on methods for assessing an organizations process towards its social responsibility performance through failure mode and risk assessment.

7. Positively Responsible: How Business Can Save the Planet - Erik Bichard and Cary L. Cooper
"At last - a book about 'business and sustainability' that treats business as an integral part of society (not some disconnected alien force) and business people as real people with real feelings, doubts and contradictions. That makes Positively Responsible a much more satisfying and illuminating read." Jonathan Porritt, Forum for the Future.

8. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Socially Responsible Investing - Ken Little
More than ever, people want their money investments to reflect their personal or political leanings. But how do they find out which companies are -socially responsible?- Do these -green- investments perform as well as traditional investments? How can they protect themselves from mutual funds or 401Ks that are managed without the future in mind?

9. 75 Best Business Practices for Socially Responsible Companies by Alan Reder
Eminently practical case studies from dozens of companies in a wide variety of business sectors. You are likely to find at least several examples that could be emulated by your company that would lead to increased social responsibility--and increased profitability.

10. Responsible Business: Self-Governance and Law in Transnational Economic Transactions (Onati Internatonal Series in Law and Society) - Olaf Dilling, Martin Herberg, and Gerd Winter
With the globalization of markets, the phenomenon of market failure has also been globalised. Against the backdrop of the territoriality of nation state jurisdictions and the slow progress of international law based on the principle of sovereignty this poses a serious challenge. However while the legal infrastructure of globalised markets has a firm basis in formal national and international law, the side effects of economic transactions on public goods such as the environment, human health and consumer interests often escape state-based regulation.

11. Citizen Engineer: A Handbook for Socially Responsible Engineering - John Boutelle
"Engineers create many of the inventions that shape our society, and as such they play a vital role in determining how we live. This new book does an outstanding job of filling in the knowledge and perspective that engineers must have to be good citizens in areas ranging from the environment, to intellectual property, to ensuring the health of the innovation ecosystem that has done so much for modern society.

12. Better Business for a Better World: Connecting Principle and Profit to Build Socially Responsible Businesses - Peter Bruce
Author Bruce explains which global business strive to be enjoyable and inspiring places to work, and why other businesses are stuck in a dead end mindset that prevents them from reaching their potential. He explores the concepts and practices that make for a better business.

13. The Aspen Institute Guide to Socially Responsible MBA - The Aspen Institute
The Aspen Institute, a premier non-profit, research organization for corporate social responsibility, offers the first comprehensive guide to the world's leading global MBA programs in CSR--an indispensable guide for prospective students, universities, hiring companies, and libraries.

14. Socially Responsible IT Management - Michael Erbschloe
"A recommended read for all IT professionals and a must read for those in management."-Tom Molnar, business systems analyst "The combination of practicality, ease of implementation, and positive return on investment is what makes this book work so well.

15. Living Corporate Citizenship: Strategic Routes to Socially Responsible Business (Financial Times Series) - Malcolm McIntosh
Corporate Citizenship matters. It is no longer just a moral imperative - it is now smart business. Investors, consumers, employees and communities are demanding Capitalism with a Human Face - it is time to deliver some corporate soul. Companies have responded with a new way of talking about business, but is this just a facade behind which nothing has changed?

16. Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur - Scott Cooney
From organic groceries to fuel-efficient cars and toxicity-free dry cleaning, the opportunities to profit from a business that builds local communities, heals the environment, and feeds the growing green demand are almost endless. As an entrepreneur who has developed successful eco-friendly businesses, Scott Cooney gives you expert advice and guidance on starting, building, and growing a green business--and then delivers a gold mine of business ideas for every kind of product and service.

17. The High-Purpose Company: The TRULY Responsible (and Highly Profitable) Firms That Are Changing Business Now - Christine Arena
What does it mean to be a socially responsible company? As Arena (Cause for Success) points out, the matter is up for debate, with some environmentalists criticizing corporate "green" programs as PR stunts, while capitalist hard-liners insist companies have no business looking after anything but profit. For Arena, however, corporate responsibility isn't about broad themes like doing the right thing or making the world a better place, and it doesn't have to be a financial burden.

18. Shopping for a Better World: The Quick and Easy Guide to All Your Socially Responsible Shopping - Benjamin Hollister, Rosalyn Will, and Alice Tepper Marlin
A guide for concerned consumers rates more than two thousand products, analyzing the performance and policies of some two hundred companies in terms of community outreach, environment, workplace, advancement of women and minorities, family benefits, and other key social issues. Original.

19. The Responsible Entrepreneur: How to Make Money and Make a Difference - Craig Hall
In a similar vein, The Responsible Entrepreneur: How to Make Money and Make a Difference focuses on businesspersons in both the for-profit and nonprofit sector who took risks to help others and found rewards themselves. Author Craig Hall debunks common myths about entrepreneurs (that they only care about making money, etc.) and offers motivational tales from successful capitalists like Doraja Eberle, who fed the hungry in Sarajevo, and Albert Black, who provided employment opportunities for the underprivileged.

20. Socially Responsible Investing : Making a Difference and Making Money - Amy L. Domini
Selecting investments to meet specific social criteria, and keeping the twin goals of justice and environmental sustainability at the forefront, investors can achieve better results in their portfolio and create a better future. For every investor who wants the money to follow the principles, Socially Responsible Investing outlines all the details to bring congruence to investing and social awareness.

21. The SRI Advantage: Why Socially Responsible Investing Has Outperformed Financially - Peter Camejo
Socially responsible investing (SRI) is investing that is mindful of the impact on society of that investment. It is often described to investors as allowing them "to do well by doing good." SRI usually describes investments that screen out companies that violate environmental or other laws, use child labor or sweatshops, discriminate in hiring, or-in general-produce products detrimental to society or engage in practices deemed reprehensible by most people.

22. Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism-- Patricia Aburdene
In the wake of corporate scandal, recession, record deficits, and terrorist attacks, more and more people are turning inward to determine where their true values lie. Likewise, more and more companies are discovering that placing social and environmental values ahead of the bottom line is actually helping to boost profits.

23. Socially Responsible Investment: A Global Revolution (Society of Investment Professions) - Russell Sparkes
Over the past decade, socially responsible investment (SRI) has changed from being a niche market to become a core consideration for mainstream investors. As such, pension fund advisers, trustees of charitable foundations and other investment professionals want to understand this new phenomenon. Up to now they have lacked any reference book to teach them what they need to know about SRI. This gap is now filled by the publication of Socially Responsible Investment: A Global Revolution, the first book on SRI specifically written for investment professionals and their clients.

24. Pension Fund Politics: The Dangers of Socially Responsible Investing (Business Economics Series) - Jon Entine
This book shows that pension funds and mutual funds that screen investments according to social and ethical preferences frequently harm those people and causes (for example, the poor and the environment) that they are designed to help.

25. Looking Beyond Profit (Corporate Social Responsibility) - Peggy Chiu
In this revealing book Peggy Chiu argues against the common belief that maximizing wealth is the primary concern of ordinary small shareholders when they make their share-buying decisions. This fascinating in-depth study of small shareholders provides both theoretical and empirical insights into their personal values and attitudes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The author establishes that personal values are a major influence on decisions about the type of investments people make and about which companies they choose to invest in. Financial risk and return are far from being the only factors that determine small shareholders' investment decisions - irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable and will not attract investment from this significant group.

26. Investing with Your Values (Conscientious Commerce) - Hal Brill
The fact is that you can make money and make a difference at the same time! Now in paperback, this step-by-step guide answers all the financial basics and makes it easy to link your money with your values in a high-performance portfolio.

27. Managing Finance: A Socially Responsible Approach - David Crowther
Managing Finance is developed from tried and tested materials that are easy to read and work is written from a managerial perspective for general managers on executive or MBA courses. The text focuses on accounting from the viewpoint of the needs of managers for financial information and understanding. Scenarios and examples are included that demonstrate a socially responsible approach.

28. Socially Responsible Investment Law: Regulating the Unseen Polluters - Benjamin J Richardson
Environmental harm is commonly associated with companies that extract, consume, and pollute our shared natural resources. Rarely are the 'unseen polluters,' the financiers that sponsor and profit from eco-damaging corporations, placed at the forefront of the environmental debate.

29. An Investor's Guide to Ethical & Socially Responsible Investment Funds - John Hancock
This book is for investors, analysts and independent financial advisors and provides unique comparative analysis of fund management houses' investment policies. Professionals involved in financial planning and investment might find this book to be among the most comprehensive guides on the subject." Asian voice "clear, comprehensive book...this sound, useful volume will help educate investors regarding the growing significance of the SRI movement."

30. Guidance on Corporate Responsibility Indicators in Annual Reports by United Nations
The demand for more information on corporate responsibility issues is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This publication is a voluntary technical aid for enterprises, investors, regulators, and others. It is aimed to assist preparers of enterprise reporting in producing concise and comparable corporate responsibility indicators within their annual financial reports. The guidance addresses the demand among investors and other stakeholders for more information on the broader non-financial contributions of corporations to society.

31. A framework for managing a portfolio of socially responsible investments - W. Hallerbach, H. Ning, A. Soppe, and J. Spronk
This digital document is a journal article from European Journal of Operational Research, published by Elsevier in 2004. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Media Library immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

32. Socially Responsible Investment - Peer Osthoff
Socially responsible investing (SRI) is a steadily growing market segment. This thesis consists of three essays on socially responsible investing. Throughout the thesis a socially responsible investment is defined as an investment which aims to reach social and/or environmental goals in addition to financial goals such as return and risk. The three essays investigate whether socially responsible investing differs from conventional investing with regard to ethical standards, investment behavior, and performance.

33. Investing for Good - Making Money While Being Socially Responsible (Step-by-step Guide for Doing Well Financially While Doing Good Socially) - Peter Kinder, Steven D. Lydenberg, and Amy L. Domini
From three of the founders of the field of socially responsible investing, and the authors of the pioneering volume Ethical Investing, here is a completely up-to-date guide that teaches you how to create an investment portfolio that makes money without making you sacrifice your principles. Peter D. Kinder, Steven D. Lydenberg, and Amy L. Domini have made careers of identifying investment opportunities that respect clients' social and political interests and have a strong track record that proves you can invest profitably and still respect your conscience. Now they explain their strategies in a book that allows individual investors to guide their own course or better communicate with their own investment counselor.

34. The Corporate Report Card : Rating 250 of America's Corporations for the Socially Responsible Investor - Council On Economic Priorities
More people than ever before are putting their money in stocks and mutual funds, and many of them are concerned about the social records and commitments of the companies they invest in. Companies earning high marks for responsible actions will find that their good works can be translated into investors' confidence and support. The Council on Economic Priorities, a public research organization dedicated to accurate and impartial analysis of the social and environmental records of corporations, provides just such detailed information in The Corporate Report Card.

35. The Socially Responsible Guide to Smart Investing: Improve Your Future as You Improve the Environment - Samuel Case
Some of the best ideas for improving the world are also the most successful new business opportunities. This book reveals how to optimize the return on investments without abandoning or ignoring personal conscience.

36. Investing with Your Conscience: How to Achieve High Returns Using Socially Responsible Investing - John C. Harrington
A successful money manager and leading practitioner in the field offers sound advice on both ethical considerations and ``how-to'' financial strategies for investing in responsible funds, organizations and managers in global markets, not only to increase your net worth but to make the world a better place to live. Introduces a successful system earning high returns for funds managed by such proven players as Pax World, Dreyfus, Calvert, Parnassus and U.S. Trust.

37. Profitable Socially Responsible Investing: An Institutional Investor's Guide - Marc J. Lane
This book was written to de-mystify socially responsible investing (SRI). An increasing number of investors are required by fiduciary obligations to invest in a socially responsible way. How do you do this without having an adverse affect on return, without increasing risk, and how do you ensure that your charter is being fulfilled? This book reports on the author's original research establishing that (1) when investors shun "sinful" securities, such as the stocks and bonds of tobacco companies or defense contractors, they tend to sacrifice risk-adjusted returns, but (2) when they actively select "virtuous" companies, their portfolios' performance is not likely to be impaired at all.

38. The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility - David Vogel
In the highly praised The Market for Virtue, David Vogel presents a clear, balanced analysis of the contemporary corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement in the United States and Europe. In this updated paperback edition, Vogel discusses recent CSR initiatives and responds to new developments in the CSR debate. He asserts that while the movement has achieved success in improving some labor, human rights, and environmental practices in developing countries, there are limits to improving corporate conduct without more extensive and effective government regulation.

39. Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy - Hazel Henderson and Simran Sethi
In this companion to the television series of the same name, economist Henderson delivers an optimistic overview of socially responsible, environmentally sensitive businesses, investors and visionaries. Keeping an eye on the "triple bottom line" that adds "people" and "planet" to the usual focus on "profits," the book divides "cleaner, greener, more ethical and more female sectors of our U.S. economy" into three areas: lifestyles of health and sustainability, socially responsible investing and corporate social responsibility.

40. A Future for Everyone: Innovative Social Responsibility and Community Partnerships - David Maurrasse
The original essays in this timely collection discuss the many ways to foster innovative and unprecedented collaborations leading to more effective partnerships between major institutions and corporations to poor and disenfranchised communities. Many of today's pressing issues are covered in-depth: bridging the digital divide; community reinvestment; university and corporate partnerships; and corporate responsibility.

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