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We are Economists and Innovators

We developed some of the original impact investing analysis tools, with great results. We create unusually impactful, high return investment initiatives...

We pioneered the systematic use of financial and social data in the selection and evaluation of financial institutions when we created the first social and financial impact investing methodology, the Fully Adjusted Return (TM) index in 1991. We developed the first targeted MBS securitization. We helped create a refinancing plan for victims of predatory lending.

We launched this website on November 16, 1995

...and have become one of the most innovative, impactful investment & economic research firms ever..


What we offer

Our services include educational resources on impact investing, and an actual impact investing product, the Diversity Fund.

We offer seminars, research publications, economic forecasts, small business consultation services specifically focused on meeting the needs of women, minority and veteran-owned firms, and help with small business financing via crowdfunding. We also offer information on Women and Minority-owned Banks, Thrifts and Brokerage firms via

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Reports and Online Education

Reports, studies, books, seminars, and classes on impact investing, small business financing and crowdfunding.

National Crowdfunding Services

We help individual, nonprofits and small businesses use crowdfunding to find the capital they need.

The Diversity Fund

The Diversity Fund contains equity (stock) in companies exhibiting outstanding performance with respect to women, minorities, veterans.

MinorityFinance provides financing information that women, minority and veteran business owners have, since 1998, found helpful.

MinorityBank provides information on banks, thrifts and brokerage firms owned by women and minorities. We also provide general banking information.

Economic Analysis and Forecasting

We provide unusually accurate economic forecasts. We also conduct general impact, economic, social, governance investment analysis.

Our Clients

We have served and provided insight to many of the Fortune 50 over the years.


Meet the Founder

We've enjoyed more years practicing than most like to admit.

Our experience and expertise cannot be duplicated. We are, quite simply, the best at what we do. Our experience is both broad and deep, given that we have been active in impact investing for some time:

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