What we do

Our Portfolio of Services

Our services include educational resources on social investing, and an actual investment product, the Diversity Fund. We offer research publications, economic forecasts, small business consultation services specifically focused on meeting the needs of women, minority and veteran-owned firms, and help with small business financing via crowdfunding. We also offer information on Women and Minority-owned Banks, Thrifts and Brokerage firms via MinorityBank.com.

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Practice Areas

National Crowdfunding Services

We help individual, nonprofits and small businesses use crowdfunding to find the capital they need.

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The Diversity Fund

The Fund contains equity (stock) in companies exhibiting outstanding performance with respect to women, minorities, veterans.

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Minorityfinance.com provides financing information that women, minority and veteran business owners have, since 1998, found extremely helpful.

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MinorityBank.com provides infomation on banks, thrifts and brokerage firms owned by women and minorities. We also provide general banking information.

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Economic Analysis and Forecasting

We provide unusually accurate economic forecasts. We also conduct general economic, social, governance investment analysis.

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Social Investment Creation

We create unusually impactful investment vehicles and tools. These include environmental, social and governance investments.

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We publish a number of resources on women and minority banks, thrifts, brokerage firms, Dodd-Frank Section 342, social investing, and crowdfunding.

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William Cunningham is a dynamic individual who has a deep understanding of the Capital Markets and is able to integrate the human component into investment policies and practices.

David Carrington

Board Member at St. Simon's Shelter

Bill Cunningham is one of the original SRI investment advisers. He is an expert in the field of socially responsible investing.

Don Wiss

President of BondCalc (Debt and Actuarial Pricing Programmer)

I strongly recommend others interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign to schedule a one-on-one appointment or to invite Bill to speak to their group about crowdfunding!!

Dr. Jonathan A. Jenkins, DBA, CSSBB, MSQA

Social Entrepreneur